This interdisciplinary workshop brings together researchers at the intersections of computer science, the social sciences, and science and technology studies. The program is oriented around fostering dialogue among and between different research traditions and epistemologies. The workshop does so by rooting discussions in practical and concrete materials and experiences from the domain of IT security. This includes empirical insights from qualitative research of IT security practitioners as much as first-hand experiences and materials from IT security domain experts and professionals. Based on the practical and concrete, the workshop seeks to map out actors, materials, practices and infrastructures of IT security.

The agenda for the two-day workshop runs as follows. The workshop language is German.

Accomodation for participants: acora Hotel, Nordring 44, 44787 Bochum
Workshop venue: CAIS, Universitätsstraße 104, 44799 Bochum

Workshop Day 1

11:30am Welcome brunch

12:30pm Welcoming participants
Workshop organizers welcome participants and present workshop goals, schedule and program.

1:00pm Introduction round and presentation of research snippets
Each participant introduces his or her work using a snippet from recent research activities.

2:30pm Coffee break

3:00pm 1-on-1 interdisciplinary dialogues
Participants perform small cross-disciplinary expert interviews to facilitate a mutual understanding.

3:45pm Intermediate wrap-up
Moderators wrap up their observations from the previous session.

4:00pm Breakdown of “research question” for the workshop
Organizers put the “research question” up for discussion.

4:30pm Coffee break

5:00pm Plenary session: “Materials of IT security”
Participants explore materials related to IT security by each participant introducing an IT security artifact.

7:30pm Closing of the first conference day with a joint dinner.
Orlando Bochum, Café Restaurant Bar, Alte Hattinger Str. 31, 44789 Bochum

Workshop Day 2

8:45am Coffee and snacks

9:00am Wrap-up and recap of first day sessions
Workshop organizers wrap up the results of the first workshop day.

9:15am Plenary session: “Practices of IT security”
Starting with artifacts, anecdotal evidence, or concrete problems with IT security, participants shift the discussion to practices related to IT security.

10:45am Coffee break

11:00am Plenary session: “Infrastructures of IT security”
With a theoretical introductory note, this session inquires into the complex socio-technical assemblages that, while the object of work for some actors, serves as the invisible substrate for other actors.

12:30pm Lunch break with light meal

1:00pm Plenary session: “Implications”
Participants recap about possible implications on their work or their research area.

2:30pm Wrap-up, Closing session
Discussion of follow-up actions, farewell.

3:00pm Farewell reception with cake and pastries